We aim to get more Black Founder from the pre-seed stage into the Seed Stage, where they can access financial support from Elevate Ventures

Innopower Mission

 Accelerating Economic Development and Wealth Generation in Black Communities in the USA and Nigeria

Social Enterprise

InnoPower Indy is an Indianapolis, Indiana Social Enterprise that works with communities and stakeholders to create capacity-building opportunities for underrepresented ecosystems in businesses, education, workforce development, and entrepreneurship.

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Talent Development

The market for talent is becoming increasingly competitive. The pandemic and the subsequent work and life disruptions took a heavy toll on the workforce. As a result of the anxiety created by the Covid-19 Pandemic and its variants, we are witnessing “The Great Resignation” dismantle the workplace as we knew it. The current demand for talent has created an opportunity for Black citizens to rethink how talent is identified, developed, recruited, attracted, and retained.

Going Global

InnoPower is working to develop a stronger pipeline of awareness and access to Africa’s talent and solutions, especially in Nigeria and West Africa regions. In many ways, we should stop thinking about how Africa can be more like us. Rather, we should think about how we can be more like Africa.


Inclusive economies are simply … better by providing equitable opportunities for excluded communities to gain support resources. By nature, they are also more diverse, making them more resilient and able to weather and rebound from economic disruptions like the ones we’re experiencing today. We practice economic development through an ecosystem-building lens to shift and improve how future economies function. Investments in Black entrepreneurs and small businesses are direct investments into Black communities and economic recovery. To support Black-owned businesses, we can not only invest in building their capacity, but we must also invest in building the capacity of the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem they rely on for success.

Our 4 C's

What do we do?


Conference, ecosystem development 


Various trainings and design workshops


Conference, networking, ecosystem building


We provide access to capital for Lifestyle, High Growth and Social Entrepreneurs 

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