2023 Innopower Minority Business week

shared vision, shared destination

Innopower minority business week now in its 5th year has brought together over 150 entrepreneurs and business leaders who support and champion the development and growth of business productivity in black communities. For more informations about this year’s editions and schedule visit the event website below to register.


Innopower Mission

 Accelerating Economic Development and Wealth Generation in Black Communities in the USA and Nigeria

Social Enterprise

InnoPower Indy is an Indianapolis, Indiana Social Enterprise that works with communities and stakeholders to create capacity-building opportunities for underrepresented ecosystems in businesses, education, workforce development, and entrepreneurship.

See how we’re making an impact below:

Talent Development

Tech was supposed to be the great equalizer. So where are all the black people? According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, African-Americans make up less than five percent of the technology industry’s workforce in Silicon Valley.

Going Global

InnoPower is working to develop a stronger pipeline of awareness and access to Africa’s talent and solutions, especially in Nigeria and West Africa regions. In many ways, we should stop thinking about how Africa can be more like us. Rather, we should think about how we can be more like Africa.


The InnoPower partnership with Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses (10KSB) initiative builds the capacity of existing Black business owners in Indiana. These entrepreneurs will learn how to find new opportunities, develop new strategies, cut risk, find financing to grow, and build leadership skills to drive the growth.

Our 4 C's

What do we do?


Conference, ecosystem development 


Various trainings and design workshops


Conference, networking, ecosystem building


We provide access to capital for Lifestyle, High Growth and Social Entrepreneurs 

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