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According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, African-Americans make up less than five percent of the technology industry's workforce in Silicon Valley. According to the commission, the percentage of African-Americans that occupy executive positions in the industry may be as low as one percent — and independent entrepreneurs have it just as bad as those already established in the tech sector.

According to Dell Gines, a senior community development advisor at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City - Talent development is the foundation of a sustainable entrepreneurship ecosystem strategy. It consists of exposure, education, and essential skills development into career pathways that have a high demand for tech talent. Community partnerships are critical to creating high-growth entrepreneurs and the workforce funnel that supports them.

Our partnership with Eleven Fifty Academy and Ivy Tech Community College will cultivate, train, and equip MVPs (Most Vulnerable Populations) with skilled tech talent to engage, compete, and contribute to the overall economic Competitiveness of the community.

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Shaping a More Inclusive Future
Shaping a More Inclusive Future

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