The New Faces of Social Innovation

For more than a generation, we have focused on improving the education of poor and minority students. Real gains have been made, but many gaps still exist. To increase the achievement levels of minority and low-income students, we need to focus on what really matters: high standards and visionary school leaders. Our education system is ripe for disruption and innovation.

Aspiring school founders and owners are the new faces of social innovation. InnoPower works directly with education-focused social entrepreneurs, CEOs, and administrators by providing access to entrepreneurial training, capacity-building resources, and a community platform to share their vision.


  • Entrepreneurship: teaching education entrepreneurs how to start and scale their programs and schools

  • Social Innovation: championing new practices that meet student needs better than existing solutions

  • Recognition: celebrating the education entrepreneurs that are positively disrupting the system 

Initiative Partners

Through their nationally unique Innovation School Fellowship, The Mind Trust is giving education-focused social entrepreneurs the opportunity to launch schools that combine the freedoms and flexibilities of charter schools with the resources and services of district schools. InnoPower works with Mind Trust Fellows to help ensure that every student in Indianapolis has access to a great school.
The Recorder Media Group is Indiana’s leading media organization of its kind. The Indianapolis Recorder newspaper is in tune with the pulse of the Black community and since 1895 has been a major voice for our local community, the state of Indiana, our nation, and now internationally. Indiana Minority Business Magazine is the state’s leading publication that focuses on business, lifestyle, and diversity.

Other Initiatives

The New Faces of Social Innovation
The New Faces of Social Innovation