Building an Ecosystem that Mirrors the Community

Entrepreneurship is the key to economic growth for global and local economies. Yet, too many people still face significant, systemic barriers to entrepreneurial opportunity. In a time of changing demographics in the United States, it is important to include diverse communities in all economic development strategies. The local entrepreneurship ecosystem should mirror the diversity in the community that fosters it. Inclusion of communities of color in the entrepreneurship ecosystem is especially important because of the power entrepreneurship has to create jobs and close the racial wealth gap. 

InnoPower works directly with entrepreneurs of color at each stage of growth to ensure that a diverse range of innovators are able to start and grow entrepreneurial ventures with equitable access and opportunity in the local ecosystem.


  • Entrepreneurship: teaching essential skills and frameworks for starting and scaling a business

  • Finance: developing avenues that lead to better access to capital for minority businesses

  • Innovation: increasing access to and knowledge of new and creative methods for problem-solving

  • Social Impact: embracing new practices to meet community needs better than existing solutions

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Building an Ecosystem that Mirrors the Community
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