Shaping a More Inclusive Future

The nature of work is transforming rapidly in our ever-changing world. As community leaders and organizations choose the path forward, it is imperative they rethink deeply held orthodoxies in order to shape a more inclusive future of work. Decades of systemic racism and many structural challenges underscore the underlying economic fragility of underrepresented groups, including the Black and Latinx communities. Generating innovative pathways to employment for marginalized populations has never been more critically needed by so many.

To create more diversity across sectors and underrepresented industries, InnoPower serves as a liaison, facilitating connections between organizations, trained minority professionals and willing employers.

InnoPower helps guide employers in adopting responsible hiring practices and HR policies, match trained individuals with the right employment opportunities, and ensure continuity of care, ultimately enabling the scalability of the model. We work with employers who have been prepared by service providers and have the necessary organizational culture to be sensitive to the lived experiences of individuals from marginalized groups.

InnoPower's skills development initiatives equip individuals with in-demand skills and training, facilitating connections with employers and overseeing an initial period of employment.


  • Skills: expanding people's capabilities and employability for a rapidly changing economy

  • Equitable Working Environment: improving personal lives, hiring practices and personnel development

  • Social Capital: creating infrastructures that help minorities connect to people and resources

  • Politics: leading change to create thriving communities for all

Initiative Partners

Eleven Fifty Academy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit code and cybersecurity academy and was the first coding bootcamp in Indiana. We believe in impacting the lives of students by providing relevant coding skills for the most in-demand jobs in today’s tech ecosystem.
With over 40 locations throughout the state, Ivy Tech Community College is Indiana’s largest public postsecondary institution and the nation’s largest singly accredited statewide community college system. It serves as the state’s engine of workforce development, offering affordable degree programs and training that are aligned with the needs of its community.

Other Initiatives

Shaping a More Inclusive Future
Shaping a More Inclusive Future