Mission 41k
Mission41K is a collaborative movement to address the biggest problem tech employers face today—finding, hiring, and retaining qualified tech talent. It prioritizes skills-based hiring, provides more inclusive pathways into tech roles for significantly more people, and drives a flag around apprenticeship as a viable path to a successful and lucrative career in tech. The tech industry nationwide and in Indiana has long grappled with an overwhelming lack of diversity among employees, executives, venture-backed founders, venture capital firms, and board members. Despite recent efforts to increase industry diversity, tech remains predominantly white and male. For example, research shows:
  • Black workers comprise just seven percent of the Indiana tech workforce while making up 10 percent of the overall Indiana workforce.
  • Statistics show that in 7th grade, 19.6 percent of current college-age students in Central Indiana were Black or African American, and 18.2 percent of Ivy Tech Community College enrollments were Black. But only 5 percent of the software developers in Central Indiana are Black.
  • The Indiana Commission on Higher Education data shows that 23 percent of Hoosiers complete a college degree on time. Still, only 11 percent of Black students complete a degree on time.

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