Partnership with EmployIndy and Ascend Indiana

Via this partnership with Ascend and EmployIndy, InnoPower and the Indianapolis Recorder aim to challenge the status quo and envision an ecosystem that intentionally exposes, encourages, trains, and elevates Black students in Indianapolis who have been traditionally excluded from equitable talent development opportunities

Without intentionality and sufficient exposure and education, our MVPs (Most Vulnerable Populations) will, in many cases, end up in career paths that don't promote innovation and lead to little or no growth. Role-modeling, knowledge, and education drive decision-making and how MVP students see opportunity. 

Our goal is to leverage Ascend and EmployIndy to create a vibrant Black Talent development ecosystem in Indianapolis. Students will engage a diverse network of corporations, Non-Profits, entrepreneurs, small business owners, investors, content experts, financial institutions, and business development agencies. Students will build their social capital as they navigate the Apprenticeship experience.


Other Initiatives

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Partnership with EmployIndy and Ascend Indiana
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